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Hey Cutie Pie,

I'm Evanna Ruberté, the Founder and CEO of SkinJustice, and I created this company so that I could spread the seed of light to the whole world. I believe God, or whatever is all around us, put me on this Earth to educate, enhance, and empower the lives of every person that I can. My purpose is to educate my fellow human on what is really in the food we put in our bellies and in the conditioner lathering our hair. To enhance the livelihood of my people and the safety of the products they use. Empower the women, the men, the minorities, the children, the elderly, anyone who wants more. At SkinJustice, we pride ourselves on "Fighting the Ugly Fight" TM.; that our world and society has brought upon us. The way the people of this world have been treating each other, and our own bodies, is saddening. But there is hope because we all want to be better. All we really need is the desire to change. Everything else comes after that. It may not always be easy but that's where I come in. I hope to make it as easy as can be to get everything we need out of this life. Because sometimes it is really, truly hard to live on this planet. But taking care of yourself should never be hard. I hope I can make your day a little better and your skin a little softer. :) Thank you so much for joining my journey and spreading light! This is for you, this is for me, and this is for all those to come. I am Beyond Grateful that we are here together. 

Love Always,

 Evanna Anadie Ruberte´

Who Am I?

I am a Puerto Rican and Nicaraguan woman, who was born in Camden, NJ, one of the most dangerous cities in America. When I was 2, my mom made a decision to move us out of the crime and poverty surrounding us and into a rich white neighborhood. But we still weren't rich. We were one of the first families to live in Ethel Lawrence Homes, The first fair-share housing development in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. One of the safest towns to live in with the best schools, according to reports. We really went from the slums to the suburbs. And It was hard as hell. So many people fought for years to keep us out of their perfect town. And just because we were there doesn't mean they didn't stop fighting.

My mom is so strong and brave, because when I was little kid, I never knew that the parents really didn't want us there. I didn't see their looks or stares when she would pick us up from school. I saw her big, beautiful, contagious smile. I didn't see how the other parents ignored her at the school functions. What they whispered about our family after we left the room. I did know about the shame and stigma around where I lived and how much smaller my house was compared to some of my friends' mini-mansions. But as I got older I realized what some of them truly thought of us. Weird interactions with certain classmates turned into racists acts of micro aggressions as I grew, learned, and realized what that meant, quiet racism. It hurt but I wouldn't change it because it's shown me all of the work that needs to be done. Our world is riddled with hate and a great amount of that could change with proper education alone. We need to all come together and fix our home. The devastation we face every single day needs to stop. This is our land and we need to reclaim it. It's 2022, there is no worthy reason why there shouldn't be safety for all. Home Security. Clean Water. Schooling. Proper Nutrition. Clean Air. A Loving Community. These things are not too far out of reach. I know we can make it happen together. 

I graduated from Lenape High School. I am working on a business degree from a community college. I am a survivor. I am the oldest sister of six. I am a fighter. I am a lover. I am a woman of God. I am a piece of Mother Nature. I am beautiful. I am proud of who I am and who I am becoming. I am here to make the world, and those who inhabit it, better. 

I've overcome some crappy things and I am there might be some more. But I know there will be joy. So much joy is coming. And I am excited. Excited I am a part of it, excited to share it with you, and excited for the future and to say that I did help make this world a better place, no matter how small a change. 

Thank you for listening and bringing more joy into the world!

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